17 Mar

Between two chairs, falling in the glass

There is a wine tasting room and cafe near the Parliament, called Pohárszék, that brings to mind the atmosphere of Provence.

The establishment carries the elegance and youth of France. Besides going there for its delicious meals, it is convenient for get-togethers, business meetings or work while enjoying a good cup of coffee. As a bonus, dog owners can bring along their four-legged friends, who are free to mingle with the customers.

According to the owner, Viktória Németh, they’ve come a long way and without her husband’s and co-worker’s support, it would’t have been possible to be where they are today. The exceptionality of the place lies in its owner’s enthusiasm for and expertise in wine, and her passion for light roasted fruity-flavored and dark roasted Italian style coffee.

Many years ago Viktória and her husband opened a small but well-liked wine shop and wine tasting room in District 9. The tasting room turned out to be too little, so they started to think about expanding into a larger space, where, besides wine and breakfast plates, they might also serve sandwiches, salads and cakes.

After getting the idea from a loyal costumers, Viktória began decorating the walls with wine bottles from all over the country. Apart from wine tasting, the couple host craft beer and home-made syrup expositions. Some of the wine and palinka can be consumed on the spot, and the wine tasting list changes every two weeks.

There are, of course, other gourmet selections in Pohárszék, where you can start your day with rice pudding, porridge, granola and fresh fruits or choose from among a selection of sandwiches and pastries. You can get coffee beans to go, chocolates, home-made pestos, chutneys and jams. Due to the small size of the kitchen, the cafe offers one menu item a day. I had an amazing culinary experience there, eating penne with salmon and enjoying my delicious cappuccino.

Their catering service has became very popular very quickly, since they have gluten, lactose and sugarfree pastries and they list meals prepared with allergic ingredients.

At Poharszek, they know delicous food is made from top quality ingredients, and are very concerned about the value of their products. They collaborate with reliable hand made pastry and cake providers and local vegetable distributors, and prioritize serving fresh meat and fresh ingredients every day.

As a certified Fenntartható Vendéglátóhely (Sustainable Restaurant), being environmentally conscious is of the utmost importance: many of their packaging materials and cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Hirado.hu produced a video about exactly why sustainability is so important to them, which you can watch by clicking the following link.

A patio opens out onto the mezzanine, creating a friendly atmosphere. Terrace tables appear as the weather gets warmer, so patrons have the option of eating outside. Nothing testifies to the great atmosphere   that’s been cultivated there better than the chatting of satisfied customers while they enjoy a sandwich and an amazing glass of wine.

I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience the fantastic culinary journey that Pohárszék has to offer.

Written by Zsuzsanna Dencs, Translated by Magdi Németh