01 Sep

Drink coffee with fish!

One of our newest Sustainable Catering members is the Murok Cafe Bistro and Bar next to Margit körút. It was a young couple’s idea, Balázs Péter’s and Márta Czibik’s, to open this friendly restaurant by replacing a DIY shop.


Due to the owner’s unconventional design sense, the layout of the café was created using a small amount of money by harmoniously combining old and new furniture, and taking advantage of ideal facilities while keeping recycling in mind. You can find a table made of a door, a tree growing through a table and even an aquarium hidden in a cupboard (if you don’t believe it, ask the waiter to show you the fish). Environmental discussion, crafts and music events regularly take place here, and the ReCreativity team, whose main concern is creative recycling, hold their regular meetings in the restaurant too.

The café is popular among all age groups and even those celebrities that enjoy eating a delicious sandwich. The guests’ causal conversations perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the café, thanks to the food and the friendly service.

Food ingredients are provided by retailers and artisans, quality is always a priority. It’s important for the café to only sell preservative-free and additive-free food.


My favourite sandwich from the sandwich selection was “Bambi”, which was a real culinary experience with its deer sausage, Italian mountain cheese, ciabatta green salad and mustard dressing, and is enough for two meals! I’m glad because every sandwich contain some selection of vegetables, that creates a special harmony with the other ingredients’ flavours and also very healthy.

The menu offers a wide range of quality wines, spirits, and, under “bites and spreads” you can find hummus with chilli, green olives spread, Zacuscă (Romanian vegetable spread) and pepper dip, which reflects the owner’s Transylvanian roots and taste the best with toast.


Other new editions are craft ice cream and the creation of a little patio in front of the café, where the customers can happily spend their time with a delicious cookie.

What else can I say? I hope this young couple achieve their goals. It was great to visit, it was great to eat there, I only have good things to say!

Written by: Zsuzsa Dencs

Pictures by: Murok