28 Oct

Green Lunch

Let’s start with a question. Kids, parents always complain about the canteen menu. It’s not delicious, it’s not healthy, it’s full of flour and it’s full of sugar, bla-bla. Than finally, after leaving school we don’t have to eat in the canteen anymore. We are free to choose something new, something good, but we still end up having our lunch in a chinese and other fast food restaurant, and have the pre-packed sandwiches with a slice of cold boloney for lunch?? Why? Why?


 Well, the price can be a reason, as everyone wants to save money. Other reason can be the supply and time ratio: who wants to spend their 30 minutes lunch time looking for healthy and delicious food. Also, who wants to cook every evening if it is so easy to stop in a canteen. It’s on every corner!   

I don’t want to criticize anyone, I understand the reasons. But let me introduce a new possibility, with which you can eat a delicious, healthy lunch made from local ingredients without leaving the office or your home! Choose Házikó (Little House) at least 2-3 times a week. (On the other days you may cook… find some sustainable recipes at our facebook page.

At Summer, when the Szabadság-híd (Freedom Bridge) was closed from cars and lots of people were sitting, walking and hanging out there, we had a great picnic at the middle of the bridge and ordered from Háziko a Green Lunch. We tried sandwiches with grilled vegetables and pork and pickled cucumber, pasta salad with vegetables and yoghurt, cream-cottage with melon, fruit salad and the best blueberry-apple salad in the world.


At Hazikó everything is made just before you eat it, that’s why the salad was crunchy, the bread was crispy and the pork melted in our mouth. In the fruit salad we didn’t find any slice of canned ananas (not as if we really wanted to find one :)). In that very moment we realized that it can be possible to cook a delicious food without lemon peel or palm oil. Of course the menu changes week by week, the selection depends on the season and the produce the farmers can harvest. Like an idyllic and very reasonable world – actually more reasonable than ours, where food travels over oceans and continents.

If you don’t believe it, just taste it yourself! You can see the exact ingredients and the origin of the raw materials on the packaging of every meal. We find names of villages so small even Hungarians have never heard of them. On the label there is a short story about the farmer, who has grown the raw materials. The packaging does not contain any plastic, it is fully biodegradable (recycled paper) and it is delivered to you by bicycle (Cargonomia). 

We were convinced almost that nothing can be more sustainable.


The only disadvantage is that it is only available for people who want to eat their lunch in V., VI., VII. districts, so if you one of them, you can feel yourself lucky. If you work in a bigger office building located in some other parts of the city, get some colleagues and order together! Házikó delivers almost anywhere, if more lunches are ordered for the same day.

I bet you’re thinking about the price! Yes,it is more expensive than a chinese restaurant, and the canteen of Mariska or uncle Frici is also cheaper, but if you want to live a long and healthy life you have to give Green Lunch a chance (not to mention environmental issues) and you will love them!