06 Apr

Let is Slow (Foodiez)!

Upon entering into the vegetarian- vegan restaurant in the heart of the city, close to the Great Boulvard in Szondi street the time is suddenly slowing down. While we are tasting the super healthy and energizing breakfast or lunch we completely forget the rushing and crazy circle that we entered from.

The owner of Slow Foodiez Krisztina Geyer planned the whole place in an environmental conscious thinking from the very beginning. It is no wonder that only after one year of the opening it is already on the list of Sustainable Restaurants. Beside that eegetarian-vegan foood is served here—easing environmental burden—the vegetables are bought at local markets. No better proof is needed for this attitude that Kriszta is asking her colleagues loudly at the end of our interview: „Is there anything else needed from the market?”. Beyond the quality raw material they take care of the packaging too. Guests take away their daily menu in compostable boxes.

The Slow Food movement started in Italy at the end of the eighties during a demonstartion against a fast food chain. The official declaration was signed a few years later in Paris.

The movement has three fundamental principles: „good, clean and fair”. „Good” stands for good quality, tasty and healthy food. „Clean” means those products that do not harm the environment and „fair”acceptable prices both for the customer and fair payment conditions to the farmer. It is no question that these principles are fulfilled in Slow Foodies since Kriszta is an active supporter of the movement.

The other motto is „from vegeterian to vegan” that shows a way and an approach to us.  All the team memebers are either vegetarian or vegan and their aim is to help others to struggle with the first cloddish steps on becoming a raw, vegan eater. At Slow Foodiez it is not difficult to follow this way since the variety of food is really catchy and they have some offer for the „beginners”too.

Just to mention some from the menu: „Farmer’s scrambled eggs”—that is made of Youtyúk’s freshly picked eggs from happy, freely scratching chickens served twisted rolls with smoked tofu and figs balsamico or the durum ravioli with cashew and spinach filling. Itasted the vegan omlette a’la Slow Foodiez. This roundel made of chickpea flour and served with grilled vegetables and smoked tofu completely swept out off my feet and I have not even thought about lunch or any other food until afternoon.

The furnishment also reflects the slow taste of life. Lovely pastel colours, feeling of home welcomes the guests. Furthermore, there are some really cute drawings for sale of a regular guest who is a graphic designer. With buyng a picture we give an automatic support the Children’s meal Fund with half of the price.

Leaving the place it is only possible with a big smile since we did and ate something good. So, let is slow!

Translated by: Ágnes Jakab