29 Mar

Margitutcakilenc Bistro

Behind a closed fence hides a rustic major houselike cafe which was planned to be a farmers market. Although the original plan was fizzled out, a new place was opened there for the delight of the residents of the 2nd district. This place is suitable for informal conversations, watching football games, listen to a concert or play board games. Margitutcakilenc  (=Margit street 9.) is a half covered, half opened garden which is churning peace of mind: in good weather you can listen to the twittering birds and you can feel that you aren’t close to one of the busiest boulevard of the city. In cold weather you can sit in the winterized garden like in a hut drinking a cup of herb tea or a cold crafts beer. Moreover you can also take your dog with yourself!

You can listen to a concert or visit a gastronomic event during whole year: last summer we cooked fish soup as part of the HalatHon campaign. This place gave home for Kenyérlelke (The soul of bread) festival in August; in December goulash soup was cooked here for homeless people and in January here was held a pig-killing.

The group is available with heart and soul to talk about their pursuit. Their source of supply is still those farmers who were planned to sell their products here. They were searching for some small scale markets where it’s important to produce with local commodities without any preservatives and other additives. Nowadays it’s so important, because people are fed with polymers and bad quality food.
The menu is changing, but in average there are 2 soups, 2-3 main dish or you can choose a sandwich, bratwurst or toast with hummus. The choice is adjusted to seasonal vegetables and you can always find some vegetarian dish. For preparing food cold-pressed oils, butter high quality meat and vegetables are used.

We offer this Sustainable Café for those who like traditional Hungarian stew served in a mug with a glass wine accompanied by friends and good music.

Translated by Zsuzsa Éliás