23 Mar

Placc café

Not far from St. Gellért Square there is a place that serves delicious coffee with always smiling staff. The café (called Placc= Space) became a member of Sustainable Restaurants at the beginning of January 2017 and if you want to know why, you just have to ask the owner, Dudás Peti. Sustainability comes so naturally to him, he stopped our conversation several times to exclaim “Oh, and there is also…” while we were talking about how he earned our seal of approval.

Upon entering the little café, the friendly service immediately makes you feel like you’re a regular. Most of the furniture is made out of recycled wood by one of Peti’s old friends, and a girl who lives in the same building drew the little pictures and patterns that decorate the wall. Our favorite, locally roasted black coffee comes out of a restored, sleekly designed coffee machine and served with local milk. As a bonus, a fantastic vegan cookie will make your day, if the decor or Peti haven’t done that yet.

The cookies are made by Szonja, the author of ‘My vegan kitchen’ (Az én vegán konyhám) and are so popular that customers finish them down to the last crumb before the close of business every day. If you prefer something savory, you can have a sandwich. The ingredients are sourced directly from small producers or Peti retrieves them himself from the local market. He goes to the market by foot, because he wants to reduce the pollution in Budapest’s air. If your stomach is still growling, you can choose from freshly baked pastries from nearby Pékműhely bakery. If you want a healthy breakfast or snack, you can crunch on vegan granolas. One of Peti’s specialties is the “corretto”, an Italian coffee, but served with Palinka from Keve manufactory instead of the usual Grappa.

The Placc therefore, always give you a good reason to pop by; whether for a refreshing coffee with breakfast in the morning, a snack in the afternoon, or for the aforementioned corretto.

Written by Eszter Szabó, Translated by Magdi Németh