28 Jul

Seasonal, Hungarian cooking experience

Tired of mass tourism? Experience something fun, healthy and sustainable
in Budapest. Szatyor invites you for their “Seasonal, Hungarian cooking

Budapest is one of the biggest hype in the last few years on the world travellers’
maps. The city certainly has a special atmosphere, a very fortunate landscape
and is fully rich in architecture. It offers a colourful range of possibilities for
tourists with different aims so everyone can benefit the most of their free time.

In case you are looking for something local, organic, tasty and healthy which is
conscious about the self and the environment we recommend you to try out
Szatyor’s new service dedicated for travellers who care about eating and

Szatyor is an urban solution for people of Budapest who pay attention to their
food choices and want to eat good, organic food. Unlikely in the countryside, in
the capital it’s quite a challenge to get access for these kind of ingredients but
this community found the way to make it and are ready to spread the mission
towards tourists.

“We didn’t want to call it a cooking course on purpose because we think this is

something different. We would like to invite like minded people to gather
together, get to know us, share stories from all around the world, and of course
cook together and have lots of fun.”
During the 4-5 hours workshop the guests are welcome with appetisers and the
hosts introduce the place and the community. After that they walk together to the
closest farmer market where everyone has the opportunity to get in touch with
local producers in person, try their products and shop some ingredients that they
like. Some of these farmers are Szatyorbolt’s suppliers so they welcome the
group as good friends.

After the shopping the group returns to Szatyor and prepare the 3 course menu together that contains of typical Hungarian dishes from families` life and that vary according to the season. Everyone is involved in the process and the hosts also tell about the typical Hungarian spices, gastronomy, ingredients. Once the food is ready the group eats it together where the table is open for storytelling.

The session includes some alcoholic/non alcoholic beverages, coffee and a give- away recipe book that everyone can take home. The organisers also encourages their guests to take some of the ingredients with them and prepare the newly learnt recipes for their families and friends. This is a great way to share the experience and also be conscious about souvenir shopping.

If that doesn’t sound attractive enough yet we saved the best part last. Since
Szatyorbolt is very determined about the social impact they make, they dedicated
themselves to save 10% of the income of the workshops’ fee as a contribution to
a charity project. They follow up with their previous guests via email and let them know how they contributed with their money.

Got interested to try out this so called
“Seasonal, Hungarian cooking
experience”? Check out their website and
book your place at:
You can also visit their TripAdvisor profile
that is available under the same name.
Have fun and eat something healthy and