18 Jan

Sex in the Biopub

Know the story when the Cat, the Mahung and the Gastrohero walk in a bar?


I’ll tell you.

Once upon a time, there was a greengrocer living in the depths of the capital, his name was Mahung. Wonder why? I’ll tell you that later on. This grocer was no different from any other greengrocer, just until Peter, the shop owner, acquired a fruit press.


Now comes the twist of the tale: the boring and tedious veggies and fruits, at one point, began to turn into cocktails under Peter’s hand (knife) and the fruit press. Well, not so suddenly, though. Peter mahunged around a lot before AvoBear, The Destroyer, and their cohort Rocket Rabbit were born. This is how the Mahung became a bio-bar, where the guest can encounter combinations like squash-apple juice seasoned with mint, vanilla and raspberry, or the new-age coffee with avocado and a few sour cherries. Just as the drinks are creative, so are their names – and no, Rocket Rabbit does not refer to the speed of making for the restroom after taking them. Peter brings up actual healing herb cocktails against ailments, from abdominal pains to the simple Friday fatigue. Who couldn’t use some vitamins or some Sex in the Garden? – especially if they aren’t about the monotonous combo of carrots-apples-bananas?

mahung 4

Any decent cocktail concocter has to have an animal mascot, and in the Mahung it’s the black cat. According to Peter, the reason is that it’s playful, unpredictable and it brings luck. In other words, success is practically granted, especially that, after one of his long and tiresome days, Heroes of Responsible Dining entered the drinkary one evening. And the hero saw that it was good and found delight in the Mahung. The Hero of Responsible Dining couldn’t help but stare joyfully at the recycling waste bin, at the organic apple juice, at the perlator. And it wasn’t over yet: the Hero was sipping majestic drink of seasonal fruits and veggies from a recycled honeypot, while sitting in a armchair made of a molino; forgiving the use of the occasional banana and pineapple. The only thing missing is environmentally friendly detergents  – a speculation, but the thought was just gone as due to the drink the mind moved on to sunlit fields, trees weighted with ripe fruit and little deer fawns skipping around…


No, actually not. Anyways, you go see the Mahung (Tűzoltó utca 22) and should convince Peter about the damn cleaning stuff…. Will be a fabulous time!

UPDATE: We’re sad to tell you that Mahung closed it’s door at the end of 2015. Péter will not stop making us delicious drinks, though! Stay tuned to see where his next adventure leads him!

The original article was published in Hungarian, on the 23rd April, 2015
A big thank you goes to Attila Zsignár for the translation!