Social Responsibility

The Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative respects the sustainable development principles not only with regards to environmental, but also to social and economic aspects. The following points include issues that investigate social and economic responsibility. Corporate social responsibility (or in short CSR), is already a well-known term. Naturally CSR is not something that is only relevant for large companies, but rather a way of thinking that any type of organization and economic actor can apply. CSR means that companies respect environmental and social values and interests, and they take into consideration the impacts of their actions on their customers, suppliers and emlpoyees. To demonstrate this, companies take on voluntary activities in addition to legal obligations.

Responsible operation
Responsible operation means that e.g. a restaurant recruits its employees based on the principal of equal treatment, provides safe work environment and satisfactory benefits. Knowing the community as a whole and also individuals who influence the operation, -and vice versa- is also part of environmental conscious and responsible operation. Besides mapping the relevant actors, a resposible restaurant engages in dialogues and seeks cooperation possibilities with its stakeholders. Besides the customers and suppliers of a restaurant, relevant actors can be the people living nearby, and also the local community.

Active educational role
The Member restaurants operate in an environmentally conscious way and strive to produce high-quality meals. It is also important for them to communicate their values and objectives to their employees and customers, and that information regarding environmentally conscious operation and healthy diet, related to the food selection of a restaurant is available for them.

Community engagement
The supporters of the Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative are encouraged to cooperate with civil organizations, and to start their own initiatives to promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Complaints and legal issues
First and foremost it is important that the Members settle any kind of complaint in a cooperative manner, and that they share their experiences among the partners of the network.

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