21 Sep

Want to drink a strong black coffee? Go to Café Black (Fekete kávézó)!

Walking on one of the most beautiful boulevards of the city, we can find Fekete coffee shop -one of more than 30 certified Sustainable Restaurants in Hungary -, among historical buildings that house antique book stores, trendy gifts stores and high-end icecream shops.


The architect couple, András Gerzsenyi and his wife had opened their tiny new wave coffee shop in April 2013. At that time the little café was only 11m2, with only 4 seats inside. Then it was expanded with a pleasant street-front terrace, and later a terrace was opened in the intimate yard as well, so it became an enjoyable summer relaxing area. Because of the ever-growing interest and many returning guests, it was necessary to open a spacious brew&food bar in the back, that has even more tables.

It is a really lovely place, with a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

The focus point is the La Marzocco coffee machine in both premises, which represents the highest quality in this field. The owners improved the coffee making process almost to an artistic level: it is a real ritual, as the coffee is prepared in front of the customer’s eyes. There are many different coffee making methods in use. The result is a unique, characteristic taste, typical of the cultivation area of the specific coffee bean.

The owner always supervises the roasting process, in order to achieve the perfect aroma. You can purchase these roasted and even grounded coffee specialties marked with Fekete brand name in the shop, and you can buy some of the coffee making equipments they use as well.


They offer a wide selection of coffee and an abundant supply of breakfast: you can order espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, latte, flat white, cold pressed juice, home-made cookies and cakes. Health-conscious cuisine awaits the customers every day.

They always make sure that the proper raw material has been chosen: teas are from fair trade sources, the milk is supplied from an organic farm, the egg is from happy, free-range hens, the vegetable and fruit juices are free from artificial ingredients. Fresh, filtered water is available for every customer.


Environmental awareness and sustainability are very important at Fekete.  Waste is collected selectively,  glass milk bottles are recycled, and plastic packaging are not used.

Of course they appreciate the customer loyalty with loyalty card and some discount. The system enjoys undivided success.

Fekete is a popular place among to students, office workers, and even tourists. We understand how the harmonious interior, cheerful, friendly atmosphere, delicious food and drink may attract them.