01 Oct

Where all meals are made from organic ingredients

The café and food shop, Café Báthory that opened next to the Parliament just a year ago has its own culinary secrets. According to the owner, sociologist graduate Katalin Bohn, they distance themselves from „classic” gastronomy. Her commitment is shown by the fact that their approach to catering and quality food is quite unique.


„When you eat chemical-free food made of organic ingredients, your body doesn’t starve even if only smaller portions are consumed, as its nutritional value is much higher than the plant grown by ordinary means.” Katalin said. Who would suppose that 100 grams of organic spinach contains one and a half more iron than regular spinach, and that the same tendency applies for mineral content of the other fruits and veggies as well. In her food shop, the owner utilizes this knowledge and approach – to the great joy of many customers who have some health issues.

The eclectic, yet attentively set up interior is her own design and has a natural flavor within the city milieu. They strive to make maximum use of the opportunities in the space of the café, with the works of contemporary artists creating a pleasant ambience for the visitor.

Organic and fair-trade coffee and the assorted tea variety also suit the enjoyable setting, just like the remarkable aromas of flavored craft beers and wines of small-scale producers. Fresh soda water awaits on the tables, to be consumed from seltzer bottles of the original design.


Their weekly menu features an array of gluten- and milk-free dishes: Hungarian potato soup, cottage “cheese” dumplings and chocolate cake, just to mention a few. Fans of the paleo cuisine can also have their delicacy of choice, as well as those who are fond of the raw veggies and fruits from Békésszentandrás.

Mindful of those preferring meaty dishes, they have organic farm sources and the eggs are also from yard-kept hens, which is well perceptible in the taste of their foods. The finest oil is used for frying. Soups, sauces and vegetable dishes are thickened using the main ingredient and not with milk or flour. Similarly to some other Sustainable Foodshops, the sources of the ingredients are available listed on the restaurant’s website. (It is an unfortunate fact that a completely organic range of foods cannot be achieved through using Hungarian ingredients only.)

The Báthory Foodshop offers a recently introduced “fast food” selection, for example hamburgers, hot-dogs, falafel and more. At last, we are able to have a healthy and nice organic burger!


The enthusiastic owner would be glad to see if more and more food shops would adopt their business philosophy and many similar places would appear, where everyone could pick their choice of healthy meals!

The terrace opened in mid-summer, where customers are welcome not only with a variety of foods, but with cool craft beer from the tap!

by Zsuzsanna Dencs

photography: Báthory Foodshop